Single russian woman from Sevastopol

I live in Sevastopol, I adore my town, but I would like to live abroad. I graduated the Institute of Foreign Languages. I know English and German. After finishing the institute I worked at school for 1 years. But I considered that this work is not for me, and I decided to find another work. Now I work in the Travel agency. I am an interpreter. I like making coziness at home, and I adore cooking. But, in spite of it, I do not like baking. I do not like sweets, but I like salting.

A smoked fish, marinated mushrooms and salty cucumbers and tomatoes these are my favorite food. I have many friends, because I am a very jolly, kind, active, tender and reliable woman. I am a very positive woman, but I am a very capricious. And I think that it is my negative quality. I am open hearted person, and I appreciate all materiel and spiritual values. I believe in love and I have many secrets. I think that it is only the beginning of my retelling. I am interested in many spheres of life. I adore music for her magical sounds, I adore dancing, because I can throw away all negative emotions and receive only satisfaction. I like camping, because I like nature and the sinning of birds. I adore roses, and I have to confess that roses are my favorite flowers. I like making presents and of course I adore receiving surprises and gifts. I like dressing tastefully, and I consider that each woman should be in a good shape that to be the most beautiful for her beloved man. I like cooking and making different and new recipes.

I would not like searching for my beloved man, I would like that he find me! Kind, generous, frank, faithful, sensitive, jolly, hard-working, attentive andetc.-this is a man of my dream. I understand that all people have bad and good qualities, but I hope to meet such man!(

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